How to Use Foaming Test COVID-19 Scanning Test Kit and Sample Urine?

Dear User; Please read the instructions carefully:

Bubbling Test COVID-19 Scanning Test Kit Operating Principle:

The virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS COV-2) multiply rapidly as soon as it enters the body. During this period, clinical symptoms such as findings in the lungs or even before some metabolic and chemical changes occur in the body. Some of these changes can be monitored by blood or urine tests. Meanwhile, the body begins to urinate and excrete the virus. The speed of this process is directly related to the contagion of the virus, the number of pathogens transmitted to the patient and the person’s immune system. As the virus load multiplies in the body, both viruses and some other substances it produces are increasingly thrown out. The foaming test reacts with specially prepared reactants (CEC) in the laboratory with substances on the surface of the virus and other substances excrete with urine, creating foam in the test tube. Foaming is directly proportional to the virus load in the body. Fewer viruses, less foam loads, more virus load creates more foam. As a result of laboratory studies between patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and healthy people, color scale was established. Evaluation of the result is done using this color scale.

Foam Test COVID-19 Scanning Test Kit Indicators:

1- Helps to identify patients who are incubated and have some clinical symptoms but have not been verified as COVID-19. 2- Helps monitor the clinical status and prognosis of COVID-19 patients. 3- Helps distinguish patients with similar symptoms with COVID-19. 4- PhD COVID-19 helps to make quick decisions for patients who are negative but are on medical hold, for people in quarantine, and for patients whose treatment is completed by practically notified patients of their clinical condition. easily share the results with their doctors. 5- Supports people who are undecided about COVID-19, who should be in a suspicious environment and who are uncomfortable with it, to check if they have COVID-19, and as a result they can quickly contact a healthcare provider. 6- Covid-19 helps people with abnormal substances in their urine to apply to self-control and health care in the early period. 7- Facilitates pre-diagnosis, definitive diagnosis and clinical follow-up times for medical personnel.

Bubbling Test COVID-19 Scan Test Kit Usage and How to Take Urine Sample:

1- The bubbling Test tube is opened from the locked seal on top. Be careful not to spill the reatan inside. 2- Testers should wear gloves supplied in the box and pour some urine into the collection container in order not to spread the urine into their hands. 3- Since SARS Cov-2 is affected by the metabolism and infection power of the person, people with lower infection rates may have different concentrations of viruses that can change every hour in their urine. Therefore, the ideal example would be to take urine that waits at least 1 hour in the patient’s bladder. People with physical heavy work should take their samples after at least 6 hours of rest and not take them from the first urine after the rest period. When testing pregnant women, abnormal substances should be excluded from the evaluation process. 4- In order to be sampled from patients with urinary sythings, the urine in the catheter must be completely drained and then sampled from the first urine. Samples taken after urination should never be taken from the part of the catheter with water. If it is not possible to replace the catheter, then the existing bladder can be mixed for sample. 3- Pull 2.5ml urine with the help of a straw inside the box and gradually pour it into the test tube up to the black line. 4- Close the tube tightly. 5- Shake the tube up and down for 15 seconds. 6- Move the tube slightly to the left and right and tap from above to seat the foaming inside. 7- Place the tube on a flat surface and wait 1 minute. The result can be interpreted from aligning the highest level of bubbling with the color scale.

Bubbling Test COVID-19 Screening Test Kit Result Assessment:

The test results are for informational purposes only, to get a final diagnosis to consult a healthcare provider. Green Zone: No virus load in urine. Healthy clinical picture. For diagnosed COVID 19 positive patients, it can be interpreted as “Healed” after hospital treatment and this result is received. For a person who has tested positive for PCR but reached the green zone in the Foam Test, one of the following can be said: 1- The virulenism of the person is low or very low pathogens, but due to a strong immune system, the disease remains in the upper respiratory tract. Therefore, it will not show any symptoms and will not decrease. 2- The immune system is strong and can kill the virus while in the upper respiratory tract, but its remains cause false positivity for PCR testing. 3- False positivity for PCR due to other reasons such as contamination, cross reactivity. Yellow Zone: A small amount of virus load (and/or some abnormal substances) in the urine, suspicious clinical picture. Follow-up is required. * Tracking required Contacts: 1- People who are not diagnosed with COVID-19 but may have contracted the virus and are incubated. 2- Diagnosed COVID-19 patients and people undergoing treatment. 3- People with abnormal substances other than COVID-19 in their urine. In this case, the level of foaming in the Yellow Zone and covid-19 symptoms, if any, should be taken into account. If symptoms are observed in the Yellow Zone and there is high foaming, he should isolate himself from family and friends, follow social protection rules and regulations, wear a mask and contact a health care provider as an early precaution. Even without any symptoms, people in this area should isolate themselves from family and friends, comply with social protection rules and regulations, wear masks and, in the meantime, be examined and tested consecutively for abnormal substances excreted in urine. If foaming stays or increases in the Yellow Zone, they should contact a health care provider. It is best to consult for urinary disorders in case of abnormal substances in the urine without any Covid-19 symptoms. Orange Zone: Increased virus load in urine (and/or some abnormal substances), unhealthy clinical picture. As a result, people who hit the Orange Zone and have Covid-19 symptoms should isolate themselves from family and friends, comply with social protection rules and regulations, wear masks and contact a health care provider. As a result, people entering the Orange Zone and not yet showing Covid-19 symptoms should isolate themselves from family and friends, comply with social protection rules and regulations, wear masks and, just in case, contact a health care provider. These patients should be examined for both Covid-19 and urinary disorders. Red Zone: Intense virus load in urine (and/or some abnormal substances), serious clinical picture. Common outcome of intensive care patients under normal conditions. However, people who are the result of the Red Zone should be isolated immediately, comply with social protection rules and regulations, wear masks and be admitted to the nearest full-fledged hospital while taking these measures at the highest level. All persons who have contact with the patient should be kept under the same conditions. Covid-19 and urine disorders should be thoroughly examined even if it does not show any symptoms

What other clinical conditions can be applied to the Foam Test COVID-19 Screening Kit?

In addition to detecting the covid-19 virus load in the urine, it can detect some abnormal pathologies in the urine with a specific condition of 3.7% specificity. Thus, if interpreted correctly, the test results can be used for early detection and clinical follow-up. Examples of these conditions include various macro and microdimensional clinical statements such as severe renal failure, diabetic nephropathy, eclampsia, some types of nephrolithicia. Therefore, although there are no Covid-19 symptoms, people with orange and red zones should be examined for urinary system pathologies.


The Foaming Test only shows the virus load during the test. Sars Cov-2 is known to be contagious. A person with the Green Zone in the Foam Test should remember that the risk continues, so it is extremely important that social distance and other hygienic protection measures and rules and regulations are observed. The test results are for informational purposes only, to get a final diagnosis to consult a healthcare provider. Foaming Test COVID-19 Scan Test Kit should be applied as described in the “Usage” section, otherwise it can be misleading. If the test is not implemented correctly, the user is responsible for the results to be obtained. Do not touch, breathe or let the reaktans in the test tube touch, eat or drink with bare hands. Keep him away from the kids. Dispose of the tube after use according to hygiene rules and dispose of it in a medical waste container.