What is foam test?

A foam test is a fast Covid-19 test kit that results in 15 seconds wherever you want.

How Does Foam Testing Work?

The test kit specifically has laboratory-prepared reacter (CEC), reacts with the covid-19 virus and shows your result.

What are the benefits of foam testing?

It supports people who are undecided about COVID-19, who should be in a suspicious environment and who are uncomfortable with it, to check if they have COVID-19, and as a result they can quickly contact a healthcare provider.

Why Does Urine Form Foam In the Tube?

Foaming is directly proportional to the virus load in the body. Less virus load, less foam, more virus load, more foam. As a result of laboratory studies between patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and healthy people, color scale was established.

Does the Foam Test Kit detect infection after it reachs the kidney, or can it detect it earlier than the bronchial stage?

The bubbling Test kit is a diagnostic kit. The principle of operation is reaction with urine components. The burden of the virus on the body undoubtedly reaches the kidneys after entering the body. Thus, it is possible to detect within the first 3 days. After the virus is infected. We can detect it from 3 days.

Compared to Polymerized Chain Reaction (PCR) and Antibody Tests, how safe is bubbling test reagent against counterfeit copying and illegal replication?

A bubbling test kit is a diagnostic kit from a scientific study. Quantitative data show the burden of the virus on the body. Ease of use and duration of test results are unlike other tests. The reactor was knowhow again. And it can’t be copied easily.