Foam Test Markers

  • It helps to identify patients who are incubated with some clinical symptoms but have not been verified as COVID-19.
  • It helps to monitor the clinical status and prognosis of COVID-19 patients.
  • It helps distinguish patients with similar symptoms with COVID-19.
  • Covid-19 helps the doctor make quick decisions for patients who are COVID-19 negative but are on medical hold, for people in quarantine, and for patients whose treatment is completed by practically notified patients of their clinical condition, allowing them to share. the results are easily with their doctors.
  • It supports people who are undecided about COVID-19, who should be in a suspicious environment and who are uncomfortable with covid-19 self-control, and as a result they can quickly consult a healthcare provider.
  • Apart from COVID-19, it helps people with abnormal substances in their urine to consult with self-control and health care provider in the early period.
  • Facilitates pre-diagnosis, definitive diagnosis and clinical follow-up processes for medical personnel.
  • Alcohol, antibiotics, special conditions, medication, etc. do not affect the outcome. The only effect other than the virus load is the substances excreded from the kidney.