How to Use Foaming Test COVID-19 Scanning Test Kit and Sample Urine?

  • The bubbling Test tube opens from the locked seal on top. Be careful not to spill the reatan inside.
  • Testers should wear gloves provided inside the box to avoid spreading urine into their hands and pouring some urine out of the collection container.
  • Since SARS Cov-2 is affected by the metabolism and infection power of the person, people with lower infection rates may have different concentrations of viruses in their urine that can change every hour. Therefore, the ideal example would be to take urine that waits at least 1 hour in the patient’s bladder. People with physical heavy work should take their samples after at least 6 hours of rest and not take them from the first urine after rest period. When testing pregnant women, abnormal substances should be excluded from the evaluation process.
  • To take samples from patients with urinary sonda, the urine in the catheter should be completely drained and then sampled from the first urine. Samples taken after urination should never be taken from the part of the catheter with water. If it is not possible to replace the catheter, then the existing bladder can be mixed for sample.

Use a clean urine pad for sample urine.

Pull out 2.5ml of urine with the help of the pipette from the box and slowly fill it in the test tube up to the black line and close the lid.

Shake the tube up and down for 15 seconds.Move the tube slightly to the left and right and tap the top to soothe the foam inside.

lace the tube on a flat surface and wait 1 minute. The result can be interpreted from aligning the highest level of bubbling with the color scale.

Under hygienic conditions, all stages of testing can be performed at any time and place.